Adding to your Instagram bio

Written on: 01-03-2021

Instagram is still growing strong. The platform has a huge amount of active users.

One problem a lot of Instagram users have, is that they want to share multiple links in their bio. At this time users can only add one single link to their Instagram bio. Grrp solves this problem.

Adding links to your Instagram bio (the old way)

Adding a link to your bio is a great way to promote content outside Instagram. Copy and pasting a link into your Instagram bio isn’t a lot of work. As soon as you are starting to promote multiple links at the same time, you will run into a problem. Instagram only allows you to add one link to your bio. At first the solution might be simple, just replace the link in your bio every time you want to promote a new link. This works fine in the beginning but, when you have to change your bio link everyday, this process can get a bit frustrating. Another problem is that users aren’t able to find your “old” links anymore. Once you add a new link to your bio, the old link is gone. This is far from ideal, luckily Grrp solves this problem for you.

Instagram link in bio (the new way)

On you can create your custom landing page that contains all you links. Once you have added all you link to your profile, go ahead and paste your link into your Instagram bio. This way users can find all your links in one place. Another benefit is that you don’t have to change the link in your bio every time you want to promote a new link. Redirect your instagram followers towards your landing page and voila!

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Adding to your Instagram bio
Adding to your Instagram bio
Welcome to
Welcome to
One profile for all your links
Create an free landing page on
Add your links
Add your links to your profile.
Add the link to your bio
Add your link to the bio's of your social media channels.
Get some traffic
Point your followers towards the link in your bio, Grrp will handle the rest.

Easy link in bio? Create a free link in bio profile in one minute