New: Youtube Embed

Written on: 22-03-2021

Embedding Youtube video directly into your profile is now easier than ever. Today we've launched a brand new feature called: Youtube Embed.

New: Youtube Embed

Promoting your Youtube videos is hard work. As a Youtube you want to reach your audience as quickly as possible. From today, Grrp makes it even easier to share your awesome Youtube videos. In the past, you've probably shared Youtube videos on your profile. From today you can embed your Youtube videos directly on your profile. This way users can directly watch your videos on your profile.

How to add a Youtube video to your profile?

Adding a Youtube video to your profile is easy. Once you are logged in into Grrp, just create a new link. When creating a new link, select the brand new "Youtube" option under link types. The next step is to paste in the url of your Youtube video. Once you pasted in the url of your Youtube video you are done. Grrp will handle the rest!

Add Youtube link to bio

As your Youtube channel grows, the channel gets more videos. Promoting multiple videos at the same time in your bio is easy. If you are on our pro plan, you can add as many Youtube videos to your profile as you like. Just paste your link into your bio and you are all set.

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New: Youtube Embed
New: Youtube Embed
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