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Written on: 01-02-2021

With Grrp.me you can create a custom landing page with all your links.

You can use Grrp.me on all your social media profiles. Just paste your Grrp.me link into your bio and you are done!

A simple use case

You probably recognise this situation, you are sharing content on Instagram on a daily basis. You just have so much to post!

Let’s say you are an influencer on instagram. As an influencer you might be an interesting marketing tool for a lot of brands. Brands will ask you to promote a product or service on their website.

When you are collaborating with multiple brands you need to be able to share multiple links at the same time. The problem, you are only allowed to put one link into your bio. With grrp.me you can redirect your followers to your profile on Grrp.me. Your profile on Grrp is a custom landing page where you can share all your links. Just paste your Grrp.me link into your bio and you are done. Your followers will be able to find all your links in one single place.

It's super easy to get started. Just register a free account on Grrp and start sharing!

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Adding Grrp.me to your Instagram bio
Adding Grrp.me to your Instagram bio
Welcome to Grrp.me
Welcome to Grrp.me
One profile for all your links
Create an free landing page on Grrp.me
Add your links
Add your links to your profile.
Add the link to your bio
Add your link to the bio's of your social media channels.
Get some traffic
Point your followers towards the link in your bio, Grrp will handle the rest.

Easy link in bio? Create a free link in bio profile in one minute